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Soil nutrient depletion is a factor of commercial growing of vegetables.  Even with fertilizers, soil grows tired.  Demand dictates that ground can no longer lay fallow (unused) for a year as was the custom decades and centuries ago.  This practice would allow the ground to rejuvenate replacing the nutrients back into the soil. 


HHG practices vertical aeroponic farming.  This technique  allows us to grow vegetables in an organic nutrient rich solution while being exposed to the air.  The roots being exposed to the air offers super oxygenation allowing the plants to take on 40% more nutrients that those grown in soil.  All this while using 95% less water than soil grown crops.

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Grow Your Own Food

Our passion at Healthy Harvest Growers is to enable people to grow their own food.  Whether you have an outside patio or live in an apartment, there is a indoor or outdoor solution for you.

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Organic, NON-GMO Seedlings shipped to your door!

These seedlings can be used in your Tower Garden or planted in Soil!

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From Our Blog

Look for our blog coming soon.  We'll update with what's growing, serving suggestions and some of our dishes we cook with our microgreens and vegetables!

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